Online Course
I have produced an online course video program between 2020 and 2022. I don't consider it as finished and I'm thinking to "start again" when I'll have the chance, to make it even more up-to-date and accurate about how I would like to present it.

Although this version 2 of the course has already a lot of ressources and you may be interested to follow it, see how I work and gain levels with your own productions. There is 50h+ of videos available about many topics.

I'm not doing one to one lessons at the moment. I'm providing this structured series of videos you can watch at your pace while practicing.

The course starts from very beginner levels and goes onwards to more advanced knowledges. The goal of the next version of this course will be to give you even the more right content for your needs, but this will take some time to achieve.

Please note that I’m an artist and not an engineer. There are many aspects of deep math behing the processings that I don't know myself, even thought I'm totally a tech enthousiast, I might be inacurate about things or even doing/saying it wrong.
Despite this, I do believe that you can learn a lot from my classes and I invite you to check my demo tutorials to make up your mind.

Presentation & demos :

Watch Course Intro
Course Structure
01-Lets start and create our first beat
KB05 - Bass-Ableton-Operator-Wobble bass with pitch bend
Tips and Tricks - Use tails as samples

If you would like to follow the course :

Monthly subscription : 25€

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