About Electrypnose

Electrypnose comes from the mix of "Electric" and "Hypnosis" (Hypnose in french)

I put this in big because I've been asked too many times what Electrypnose means while it actually seems just an evidence to me.

Operated by Vince LeBarde, Electrypnose, the electric hypnosis, is mainly a psytrance project. However, over the years it has Evolved to become a wide exploration of many genres and sub-sub-sub genres, connected to the psytrance culture or not.

Based in Switzerland, since 2001 the laboratory never sleeps. More than ten albums and one hundred tracks released with many labels while Vince performs at most major festivals worldwide as well as hidden doof parties and raving club nights.

Blending trance with techno, dark prog with forest, tech house with progressive, downtempo with jazz, classical or hip-hop... you name it.
Electrypnose is anything and everything. No boxes, that's the idea.
It can be deep, light, happy or sad. Angry or soft to the touch. Fast or slow. Inspired by any music that has ever been created by human beings, nature, or aliens.

Experimenting and searching without borders, Vince is willing to explore and share whatever is falling into his hands. Although, with the definite idea to put you into a direct connection with music and sound.
In 2001, Electrypnose began as a duo project with a friend (Grand Mage) as a way to experiment and explore in the psy trance genre. Eventually different life paths meant Electrypnose became a solo project for Vince.
2002 brought the first performance ever at a private and very small party in the Swiss mountains. In 2003, a promo album called "Reve de Neige" is distributed by Psy-CZ group as well as Elecrypnose's first track is released on Peak records, the first Swiss psytrance label at that time.

The record label "Kabrathor" is launched with close friends in 2004, and then 2005 brings the first online/digital album released by Resonantearth. It is also the first year of the Primitif Workshop, a gathering organized in Switzerland for people from all over the world who produce all kinds of electronic music. Each year, Electrypnose, along with friends, would bring together various musicians from different countries to share passion, knowledge and skills in a dedicated place.
Since this time much new material is released, coming with it various overseas gigs and deepening of projects.

All of this has been made possible with Valais mountain air and Swiss raclette cheese.